Soldier in Civility

Like all jobs, being a public servant has its challenges.  Recently there have been many encounters with people that lack civility.  Regardless, I always work to treat everyone fairly and respectfully, regardless of their demeanor.  My sincere hope is that I can make a positive impact on the community by leading with kindness and compassion.  On the day that I sketched "At the Counter" I had a few very angry residents at the counter, an older gentlemen that just needed someone to listen (someday I will tell you his story), and a young couple that were certain I could marry them. 

My poem "Soldier in Civility" with my quick sketch "At the Counter" depicts my struggle and continued efforts to always be kind and do the what is right.  



I am a soldier of peace and carry no sword
I have a passion to protect but without a shield
I have no political armor as I enter the field

My purpose never waivers, to do what is right

Knives of baseless accusations fly by me daily
Faceless threats are given so much power
Fires set by the uncaring, willing to cower

My purpose never waivers, to do what is right

Entitled feeding on the livelihood of others
With faith and grace please stop the hostility
Community, please embrace peace and civility

My purpose never waivers, I will always do what is right

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